A Magic Music Carpet! 多米索(R) DoMiSo A5
一块布即可弹出全世界几乎所有乐器的声音、还 全自动教 零基础 立刻会 弹

A magic music carpet sounding out the sounds of almost all musical instruments + auto-intelli-teach playing

多米索A5 无线连接 用户的任何 电脑 立刻会 弹琴 唱歌


多米索 集团 李宋 博士后 发明的 多米索交响乐器 电视钢琴 智能教琴电脑 智能钢琴 智慧钢琴 弹交响乐 液晶显示屏钢琴 智能钢琴大屏幕 智能钢琴跟弹软件 带大屏幕的钢琴 自带特效屏幕的钢琴 带显示屏的钢琴 带电子屏幕的钢琴 有电子屏幕的钢琴 多米索智能钢琴哪里买 (DoMiSo Symphony Instruments & Intelligent Piano & TV Piano & Smart Piano & Large LED Screen Piano & Symphony-Teaching Computer & Games Teach Playing Pianos/Drums/Symphony) | 弹出来的幸福®玩出来的幸福®成就千家万户的音乐梦想® Play Happiness ® Realize Everyone's Music Dreams ® | 音乐革命 Music Revolution) 一指弹® (1FingerPlay) 一个人就是交响乐团 (ONE'S PHILHARMONIC) 多米索 智能钢琴 弹唱教学系统 A5

多米索 软件教你 弹琴打鼓 弹交响乐!多米索发明人:李宋 博士后。DoMiSo Software Teaches Playing Pianos&Drums&Symphony; DoMiSo Inventor: Dr. LI Song

Pianos&Drums-Style DoMiSo

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【多米索 A5 购买提示】本品 2.4G无线 连接任何Windows电脑 智能教弹;学校构建《多米索 智能音乐教室》实现学生人手一套
琴鼓二合一的平面乐器多米索A5,可无线连接到多米索Q10上 智能教琴(智能教简谱弹交响乐)、智能教鼓(打鱼游戏自动教鼓)
DoMiSo_A5 2.4G-Wireless Link to WindowsPC or DoMiSo_Q10; Build Intelli-Music-Classroom Teaching Students to Buy Each
Product Elements Included A set of DoMiSo Intelligent Piano A5 includes: 1 DoMiSo Symphony Instruments (hardware); 1 DoMiSo Symphony Software (USB-Disk) (software with 189 music instruments inside to be combined or overlaid freely); 1 Package; More than 10 thousand of music scores, "DoMiSo Symphony Music Score" (games teach playing pianos & drums); A5 Hardware is more like wireless PC keyboard (2.4G-WiFi); 2 AAA batteries afford enough power for several months, and any other power type is unnecessary; factory does NOT put any AAA battery inside which can be bought from universal market; DoMiSo is a precise method and intelligent symphony instrument for really realizing Orff Music Theory Pedagogy
Number of Keys 67 Keys (36 black-white piano keys + 15 drum keys + 16 function keys); flat keys; Piano&Drums in 1; 2.4G wireless communication; DoMiSo Symphony Software supports Windows (Wireless connect with any Windows computer to play pianos&drums&symphony); Flat music instruments unique in the world
LinkWithAnyMusicalInstrument DoMiSoA5: Start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, and then plug the DoMiSo wireless USB head (2.4G WiFi) into any USB of computer; put 2 AAA batteries into the battery box of DoMiSoA5 and open the switch to see the red light of the switch, thus DoMiSoA5 will connect with DoMiSoSymphonySoftware;

How to link with any MIDI musical instrument: Start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, and then plug MIDI IN head of the MIDI line into the MIDI OUT mouth of the MIDI musical instrument, and plug the USB head of the MIDI line into any USB of computer, thus done;

How to link with traditional musical instrument of non-electronics: put DoMiSo wireless information sender near the musical instrument, and plug DoMiSo wireless information receiver into the sound-in mouth of computer, and then start DoMiSoSymphonySoftware in computer, thus traditional musical instruments of non-electronics are changed to the same fuctions of electronics.
Main Materials Cloth & Rubber & Plastics
Size & Net Weight Length*Width*Height*Weight=527mm*260mm*3mm*300g; 1.5kg including package box
Size Per Big Box 10 pieces per big package box with Length*Width*Height*Weight = 570mm*450mm*305mm*15kg; ReadMeBeforeUsingDoMiSo >>
Quality Assurance "DoMiSo Symphony Software" updates almost every season including functions and music. 1 year free QA warranty for hardware; Many years' usages in good protection. QA and Other Detailed Info Is Here >>

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The Screen Size of 21-27 Inches Can Match Piano Keys

The Software PianoKeys Height Can Be Ajusted or Hidden

Dr. LISong (DoMiSo Inventor) Is Playing DoMiSo A5



The Opened Status of One Big Package Box of 10 DoMiSo A5

10 pieces per big package box with Length*Width*Height*Weight=570mm*450mm*305mm*15kg


The Closed Status of One Big Package Box of 10 DoMiSo A5


X Exhibition Frame Paper for DoMiSo A5 with the size of 600mm*1600mm











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